The processing operation of employee recruitment data, applications, CVs

The scope of personal data that may be processed of a natural person applying for a job (the applicant): name; date of birth; place of birth; mother’s name; residential address; qualification data; portrait photo; telephone number; e-mail address; if available, an employer record of the applicant. The purpose of the processing of personal data is to decide upon the application, and to sign a contract of employment with the selected applicant. All applicants concerned should be informed if the employer has not chosen them to fill the position.

The legal basis of the data process operation is the consent of the applicant concerned. Employees authorized to exercise their employer’s rights and the one who carries out the duties of the employer are the recipients of personal data. We store the personal data until the application or the tender is closed, so at the latest until the position you have applied for is filled. Personal data of unelected applicants will be deleted from the register. The personal data of the applicant who has withdrawn his or her application shall also be deleted. If the nature of the position requires it and the Hotel has a legal interest proportional to the process of the personal data, the Hotel shall store the personal data of the applicant until the last vacant position of that type concerned is filled, but no more than six months from the submission of the application.

Taking into account the above stated as a general rule, the employer may retain the applications on the basis of the explicit, unambiguous and voluntary contribution of the applicant concerned, provided that their preservation is necessary to achieve a data process purpose consistent with the law. This contribution may be requested from the applicants after the closure of the recruitment procedure.